Orange Team Homework

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Orange Team Homework

Mr. Lozupone -- Math

Completing transformations and angle relationships.
Test Monday on all material.
- exponents
-scientific notation
-rigid transformations
-angle relations

Students have study review packet. they should be completing the packet as a study guide for the test.
they will be permitted a single one-sided paper as help when taking the test.

all classes - continue with rotating on"coordinate plane'
All classes are to complete assignments begun in class.
Period 2 - "rotate the shape"
Periods 5,6 & 7 complete the treasure hunt sheet.

Mrs. Speight -- Science

Link to ECC athlete of the week

Phet Activity: The Force of Gravity

Gravity Game

Lesson 3 Quizlet

Lesson 3 Quiz tomorrow, 11/14/19

 I will be checking your Science books for completion for Lessons 1 & 2 on Wednesday.  Please complete any blanks in those Lessons before then and don't forget your book that day.

Lesson 2 Quiz on Tuesday, 10/29

Lesson 2, Force and Accleration Quizlet

Pds. 6, 5, & 2 -- Equation practice wksht due Tues., 10/22

Quiz Corrections for Lesson 1 quiz due Friday, 10/18.

When Push Comes to Shove Link

Lesson 1 -- Position and Motion Quiz on Tuesday, 10/8

Lesson 1 Vocabulary Quizlet Link

10/3 -- pd. 2 & 5 -- pgs. 27-28
   pd. 6 -- pgs. 28-29

 pd. 2 -- pgs. 9-11 in packet due 9/17

Mrs. Bessette -- Language Arts

LA2 & 5: Essays Due 11/27/19
LA6 & 7: Presentations Due 11/22/19

Mr. McCue -- Social Studies

-All classes: Finish "Beringia" packet. Due Thursday.

-All classes: Write a RACES response to the following question: "Which high school do you plan on attending at the moment and why?" You must cite something Mrs. Powell said in her presentation today in your response. This assignment will be graded. Due tomorrow (Tuesday).

-All classes: Read the packet you were given (pages 18-23) and answer the "Think About It" question on page 23 in 1-2 sentences.

-All classes: Study for the Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz. It will be tomorrow (Friday, 10/11/19). The words you need to know are in the Vocabulary sections of your binders. You will be quizzed on all of the vocabulary words before page 35 in the textbook. This includes the vocabulary words in the section "The Story of a Continent," starting with the "Pleistocene epoch" and ending with "human geography." There are 22 different terms. "Ice ages" and "glacial periods" count as one term.

-All classes: There will be a Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow (Thursday, 10/17/19) on all of the vocabulary words we have done so far this year (cumulative). They should be written down in the Vocabulary sections of your binders for you to study.

-Review the Ambassador Leaders program ( and let me know by tomorrow if you are interested.

-Vocabulary Quiz on all of the vocabulary we have learned so far tomorrow (Thursday).

-Test next Tuesday on the Main Ideas from the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Reviews. You will have all class on Monday to study.

-Optional: Patriot's Pen essay contest. Deadline is October 31, 2019. Please hand in your essay to me before then if you choose to do it.

Theme: "What makes America great?"

First prize: $50
Second prize: $25
Third prize: $15

-Great job stepping up and working on the Patriot's Pen essay in class today! I appreciate your hard work! We had the most entrants of any grade and any team. As long as you were working hard the whole class, you got a 100% for a test grade.

-Quiz tomorrow on all of the vocabulary words we have covered this far!

-Finish the worksheet about the video on Jamestown that we watched in class today. Here is the link to the video:

-Quiz tomorrow on all of the vocabulary words we have covered this far! This includes the 4 new words from "The Story of Jamestown" (archaeologist, artifact, confederacy, and territory)
-Period 2: Finish "Three Scenes From Jamestown" packet
-Period 6: Finish reading "Three Scenes From Jamestown"

-Finish "Three Scenes From Jamestown" questions on a separate white lined sheet of paper if not finished in class.