Orange Team Homework

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Orange Team Homework

Mr. Lozupone -- Math


3/9 - 3/13
Students will interpret functions and write linear equations in function notation.

3/2 - 3/6
Students will learn what a function is and how to identify and work with functions.

Use the function machine to test your
function knowledge.
Function machine

Learn to find slopes and intercepts with the Flyer app

2/24 - 2/28
Define and deter mine the X and Y interepts of a line / linear equation
Utilize and work with the slope intercept formula.

2/19 - 2/28
Define and determine the slope of lines.
Define, create and use the slope intercept formula. (y=mx+b)

2/10 -2/14
Introduce the concept of linear and non-linear equations and definition of slope.
2/3 - 2/7
Periods 2 & 5 - students will be working to solve and use the pythagorean theorem.
Periods 6 - Working to understand and use the distributive property.
Period 7 - Continue to solve equations with variables on two side of the equal sign.

1/14 -2/3
Period 2 & 5 Solving equations for one , none or infinite solutions.
1/14 - 2/3
Periods 6 & 7 - Solving variable expressions.

1/13 - Students will begin solving equations with variables on two side of the equal sign.
1/13 worksheet

simplifying expressions
solving expressions

1/9 begin writing and solving variable expressions
Variable expressions worksheet

1/8 quiz on similar shapes
1st assignment
2nd assignment
1/8 quiz review
1/3 complete solving for similar shapes

12/4 periods 6 & 7 - finishing  'exterior angle' theorem.  
12/5 all classes working on dilations.

Week of 12/2 we will cover 'exterior angle' theorem and then begin work on 'dilations'
lesson 13
lesson 14
exterior angle HW

Dilations worksheet

11/5 - 11/22
Complete all class handouts.

all classes - continue with rotating on"coordinate plane'
All classes are to complete assignments begun in class.
Period 2 - "rotate the shape"
Periods 5,6 & 7 complete the treasure hunt sheet.

Mrs. Speight -- Science

Basketball watch from 2:44 - 4:06

Link to ECC athlete of the week

Forensic Webquest Link

3/24/20 -- A Gr8 Sp8 Update!

We will be using Google Classroom to connect, among other things.  Here are the codes for you to log into YOUR class!  This is a code that you have to put in when you JOIN a class in the Google Classroom site, it is not a link!  If you don't remember which period you were in, please email me or ask a friend who was in that class with you...but don't log into the WRONG class!  If you haven't already, check out my video on 3/23 below!  Can't wait to connect with you guys!

pd. 2 -- q6dpd6e

pd. 5 -- riexuoi

pd. 6 -- cy6d2a6

pd. 7 -- fkkwabi

Here's my email to make it easy:

3/23/20 -- A Quick Hello Video!

3/20/20 -- Answer Key for Relative Dating Worksheet.docx

3/16/20 -- You Tube Videos on Geologic Time

Laws of Relative Rock Dating (4:11 minutes)‚Äč

Geology at Siccar Point - Geological Time (5/6) (3:28 minutes)
How the Earth Was Made: Hawaii | History (3:10 minutes)

3/12/20 -- Pd. 2 do pg. 11 due tomorrow; Pd. 5 do pg. 10 due tomorrow.

3/2/20 -- Waves Quizlet

2/26/20 -- Intro to Waves You Tube Video Link
2/26/20 -- Waves Brain Pop
2/26/20 -- More Fun With Waves

 2/19/20 -- Test on Electromagnetic Forces Friday, 3/21

Kahoot Link -- Electromagnetic Forces

Electromagnetic Forces Quizlet Link

Circuit Construction

Series vs. Parallel Circuit Video (watch until 1:20)

 1/23/20 -- Pd. 6 -- finish review through pg. 196

1/8/20 -- Finish through page 153 for tomorrow.
             --  Study for the test on Lessons 1, 2, & 3; all of Mechanical Energy on  Friday.

 12/5/19 -- Lesson 4 Quiz tomorrow.  Study using the Quizlet link below.

Lesson 4 Quizlet Link

Phet Activity: The Force of Gravity

Gravity Game

Lesson 3 Quizlet

Lesson 3 Quiz tomorrow, 11/14/19

 I will be checking your Science books for completion for Lessons 1 & 2 on Wednesday.  Please complete any blanks in those Lessons before then and don't forget your book that day.

Lesson 2 Quiz on Tuesday, 10/29

Lesson 2, Force and Accleration Quizlet

Pds. 6, 5, & 2 -- Equation practice wksht due Tues., 10/22

Quiz Corrections for Lesson 1 quiz due Friday, 10/18.

When Push Comes to Shove Link

Lesson 1 -- Position and Motion Quiz on Tuesday, 10/8

Lesson 1 Vocabulary Quizlet Link

10/3 -- pd. 2 & 5 -- pgs. 27-28
   pd. 6 -- pgs. 28-29

 pd. 2 -- pgs. 9-11 in packet due 9/17

Mrs. Bessette -- Language Arts

LA6 & 7:

Mr. McCue -- Social Studies

-All classes: Finish "Beringia" packet. Due Thursday.

-All classes: Write a RACES response to the following question: "Which high school do you plan on attending at the moment and why?" You must cite something Mrs. Powell said in her presentation today in your response. This assignment will be graded. Due tomorrow (Tuesday).

-All classes: Read the packet you were given (pages 18-23) and answer the "Think About It" question on page 23 in 1-2 sentences.

-All classes: Study for the Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz. It will be tomorrow (Friday, 10/11/19). The words you need to know are in the Vocabulary sections of your binders. You will be quizzed on all of the vocabulary words before page 35 in the textbook. This includes the vocabulary words in the section "The Story of a Continent," starting with the "Pleistocene epoch" and ending with "human geography." There are 22 different terms. "Ice ages" and "glacial periods" count as one term.

-All classes: There will be a Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow (Thursday, 10/17/19) on all of the vocabulary words we have done so far this year (cumulative). They should be written down in the Vocabulary sections of your binders for you to study.

-Review the Ambassador Leaders program ( and let me know by tomorrow if you are interested.

-Vocabulary Quiz on all of the vocabulary we have learned so far tomorrow (Thursday).

-Test next Tuesday on the Main Ideas from the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Reviews. You will have all class on Monday to study.

-Optional: Patriot's Pen essay contest. Deadline is October 31, 2019. Please hand in your essay to me before then if you choose to do it.

Theme: "What makes America great?"

First prize: $50
Second prize: $25
Third prize: $15

-Great job stepping up and working on the Patriot's Pen essay in class today! I appreciate your hard work! We had the most entrants of any grade and any team. As long as you were working hard the whole class, you got a 100% for a test grade.

-Quiz tomorrow on all of the vocabulary words we have covered this far!

-Finish the worksheet about the video on Jamestown that we watched in class today. Here is the link to the video:

-Quiz tomorrow on all of the vocabulary words we have covered this far! This includes the 4 new words from "The Story of Jamestown" (archaeologist, artifact, confederacy, and territory)
-Period 2: Finish "Three Scenes From Jamestown" packet
-Period 6: Finish reading "Three Scenes From Jamestown"

-Finish "Three Scenes From Jamestown" questions on a separate white lined sheet of paper if not finished in class.

-Period 2: Read pages 102-103 and answer the 3 Historical Thinking questions in complete sentences. Read pages 104-105 and answer the 4 Synthesize & Write questions in complete sentences. Write a personal letter back to your family in England as a Jamestown colonist (minimum 1.5 pages, single-spaced). Your letter will not be accepted if it is not properly formatted as you were instructed to do in class. These are all due by Wednesday, 11/27/19.

-All classes: Finish the Letter from Jamestown. It is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. If you do not follow the format shown in class, it will not be accepted.
-Period 2: Finish the homework from yesterday (read pages 102-105 and answer the questions on pages 103 and 105). Write your 1 paragraph responses to these two questions: "Why is self-control important in school?" and "Why will self-control be important when you are an adult?" (These are all due tomorrow, Wednesday, 11/27/19)

-All classes: Over the break, finish answering any questions on the History of the Pilgrims Active Viewing Worksheet that you did not finish in class. You may use the video or research the questions yourself. The link to the video is:

-All classes: There is a quiz tomorrow on all of the new vocabulary we have learned since the last quiz and some of the old vocabulary.
-Periods 2/5/7: Read pages 106-107 and answer the 3 Historical Thinking questions, then write down the vocabulary and its definition. 

-We will have our end of unit test on Chapter 3 of the textbook tomorrow (Friday). You may work on your RACES response to the following question at home and hand it in tomorrow, or you may work on it during the testing time:

What is the lesson that should have been learned from the Salem Witch Trials?

If your response does not fulfill all of these criteria, it will be an automatic zero:
1. At least 5 sentences.
2. Use a citation from a source we have used in class (the textbook, the Salem Witch Trials graphic novel, the History Channel documentary).
3. Double-spaced and written on white lined paper so I can write comments on it (this means skip every other line when you are writing).
4. Do not use the words "I" or "we." For instance, do not say "I think," or "I believe," or "we feel," et cetera.

Here is the link to the Salem Witch Trials documentary from the History Channel if you would like to use it:

Here are the questions you will be able to choose from for the short answer questions on the test tomorrow:
1. How did John Smith help keep the settlers from starving at Jamestown?
2. What caused the conflict between colonists at Jamestown and the Powhatan?
3. Why did Nathaniel Bacon stage a rebellion?
4. How were the Pilgrims' and Puritans' involvement with the Church of England different?
5. What was the reason for massive arrests in Salem in 1692?
6. How did England benefit from taking control of New Netherland?
7. How did William Penn's Quaker beliefs help influence the diverse makeup of Pennsylvania?
8. Why did the Iroquois attack New France?
9. How did Maryland's access to the Chesapeake Bay benefit the colony?

All classes: In at least one well-written sentence, answer the following question based on the Student News episode that we watched today: "How do you think the events currently happening in the Middle East will affect us in the United States?"

All classes: There is a quiz tomorrow on the vocabulary words we have learned thus far this week: apprentice, provisions, smuggle, common school, religious freedom, subsistence farming, Navigation Acts, artisan, cash crop, overseer, Stono Rebellion, backcountry, indigo, Piedmont.

All classes: Write a 5-8 sentence paragraph in response to the current events video we watched today in class. Follow the directions on the homework sheet. Be sure to relate the story you choose to American History.

All classes: There is a vocabulary quiz tomorrow only on the words we have learned in Chapter 4.

All classes: There will be a test on the Chapter 4 main ideas on Tuesday.

All classes: The Colonial Regions flip charts we have been working on in class since last week are due tomorrow (Wednesday) at the end of class.

All classes: There is a vocabulary quiz on all of the words we have covered since the last quiz. They are on pages 178-197 of the textbook, but you should have them all written down in the vocabulary section of your binder.

All classes: Read pages 208-209, write down the vocabulary and definitions, and answer the Reading Check question on page 209.

All classes: Study for the vocabulary quiz tomorrow, which will be on all of the words from pages 198-208.

All classes: Read pages 216-221 and answer the "Think About It" question on page 220.

All classes: Read pages 224-229, write down the vocabulary words and definitions (reinforcements, fortifications, counterattack, bayonet, blockaded, financier) in the vocab sections of your binders, and answer just the "Reading Check" questions on pages 225, 227, and 229.

All classes: Read pages 232-235 and write down the one vocab word (espionage) and its definition.

All classes: Read pages 242-243 and answer question #1.

All classes: Study for the Vocab quiz on Chapter 6 tomorrow.

All classes: Study for vocab quiz on all of Chapter 7.

All classes: Read pages 296-297 and pages 300-301. Write down the vocab words and definitions and answer the two Reading Check questions.

All classes: Study for the vocabulary quiz tomorrow on all of the words from Chapter 8.