Blue Team Homework

Week of  March 30th-
Hello Blue Team Families!

We know you received a message from Mr. Gagnon a short time ago, but we wanted to send a quick follow-up. Continuous Learning officially starts on Monday, March 30th. Please visit and click on the Continuous Learning link. (This link will be live starting Monday morning, so it will not work until then.)

After clicking on the link, you will then click Plainfield Central School.

From there, click on Blue Team and here is where weekly work will be posted.

There is a lot of information here, but please do not feel overwhelmed. Links, access directions, how to contact teachers, as well as daily plans are all listed. Please take a moment to read through information found on this site.

Blue Team students should start every day from this page and go to the directed link for the day of the week they are working. Keep a look out for “LIVE” in yellow! These are times when students can join a live video conference with their teachers.

As always, please feel free to contact any team teacher with questions/concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this new learning journey!

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Mrs. Cohen Mrs. Mazza Mrs. Piezzo Mr. Rusaw Mrs. Schlegel ------------------------------------------------- Mrs. Cohen is in the process of setting up a Science google classroom. All students will use the same code to connect to her class.

-The Science code is vqx6v5g.

If you have any trouble adding her class, please let Mrs. Cohen know.
We've received many emails/messages regarding students not being able to access google classroom/study sync. Below you'll find directions on how to log in.

If students have questions, they can now use google chat to contact us.  Tech Issues: If you're having issues getting into google classroom, below is the format your user name should be. MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR SCHOOL LOGIN!! If you use your personal account you won't be able to login to school classrooms. Username: will be Last Name-First Initial-Year of Graduation(25) @ Example: Password: Whatever you log into the chromebook at school with. If you forgot it may be in your "password keeper" we gave you at the start of the year. Otherwise, it may be: plainfield2020 or plainfield2019 or plainfield2018 or plainfield2017 To Log Into Google Classroom: 1. Go to the Waffle-looking GOOGLE APPS in the top-right corner of the browser (see photo #1). 2. When you click it, Classroom will be an option (See Photo #2). 3. When you click it, you'll see all of your classes (see photo 3). 4.If you are missing a class, you can get the code from your teacher (Email or Google Hangout them) and add the class by clicking on the plus sign. gc _------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ gc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To Log into Google Chat (Please only use this to ask the teacher a question; not just to say "hi"; while we want to be able to talk to everyone, having a flood of "hi's" can be overwhelming. 1. Like Classroom, select the Waffle-looking "Apps" in the top right corner (See Photo #1). 2. Click on the Apps Icon, and select google Chat (scroll down if need be) (See Photo #2). 3. When you get into google chat look at the top left. You'll see a spot to type in a name to search.(See Photo #3). 4.Type in the last name of your teacher (see Photo#4), and it'll pop up. 5. Select that teacher, and you can now chat! 6. Type in your question at the bottom (See Photo #5), and hit enter! You're all set! (Photo #6) gc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ gc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ gc ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Studysync login: To Login to Studysync:
1-Make sure you are on your SCHOOL google account.
2-Google McGrawhill Education
3-Click Connected (
4-Username: lastnamefirstInitial25
    PW: Plainfield19
*type this in exactly the same way! The "P" is uppercase now! **If you have any tech questions, please contact Mr. Rusaw @ and I will respond within 24 hours. Google chat is acceptable as well.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blue Team March 2020 Out of School Supplemental Work

Good Morning, 

As I’m sure that most of you know by now, our state has shut down public schools until March 31st. During this time, Blue Team has put together a packet of supplemental work for students. Per directives from state and district administration, this work will not be collected, reviewed, or graded, but will benefit the student’s knowledge and skills during this time away from school. Blue Team teachers highly recommend completing this work. These packets will be mailed out in the coming days.

Mr. Rusaw’s Google Classroom will post supplemental bellwork, questions, and possibly videos in the coming weeks, so students can log onto that, and he will allow questions and comments. The essay is already live on google classroom, and students can work on it there if they would like. 

To log into the google classroom, students will log into google via their school log in (last name, first initial, year of graduation(25), 

example: They would then use their chromebook password to log in. Most have done this in the classroom, and outside as well, so there should be no difficulties. If there are any questions or difficulties, please email Mr. Rusaw at or contact me here via Class Dojo. 

If you have any questions, all of our emails can be found on our team page here:

During this time, please continue to stay safe!


Blue Team Teachers 



-N.A. DBQ in Packet/ Google Classroom 

-Read The Giver
-Dogo news



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