Nurse's Corner

PCMS Health Services

Mrs. Holly Desimone - School Nurse -[email protected]

Phone: 860-564-6437 ext. 1105-Fax: 860-564-1147

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All students need to have the following forms on file with the nurse. These forms must be updated yearly.

Athletic Forms
(Click the blue link for a copy of the form)

  • YEARLY physicals are required for student who wish to tryout and participate in sports.

Authorization & Administration of Medicine by School Personnel

     CT State Law and Regulations require a Physician's of Dentist's written order and Parent/Guardian's authorization for a Nurse to administer medications. This includes the administration of aspirin, ibuprofen, or aspirin substitute containing Acetaminophen. Authorization forms are available at the school and some physicians' offices. Physician's orders, if given over a long period of time, shall be renewed each school year. The medicine shall be delivered to the school nurse by a responsible adult in a pharmacy prepared container and labeled with the name of the child, name of the drug, strength, dosage, frequency, physician's or dentist's name and date of original prescription. No more than a 45-day supply of the medication for a student shall be stored at school.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT send any medication to school with your child even if it is an over-the-counter medication.

Accidents & Illness

     If, in the opinion of the nurse, a student is too ill to remain in school, the parents will be notified. The school nurse will make the decision as to whether a students needs to be sent home and the nurse will contact the parent or guardian.