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Welcome Letter with supply list for 2021-22 
StudySync for E/LA can be accessed at

Math - Mrs. Dixon    [email protected]

 Science - Mrs. Rand   [email protected]
 Language Arts - Ms. Witham  [email protected]
  • All Classes - students are/should be in the finishing stage of their Character Analysis Essays.  Each class, though using different novels, has been working since 12/6 on a character analysis.  Outlines should have been completed as of 12/16.  4.5 hours of class time was spent working on the outlines/essays.  The final copy is due in Google Classroom on Sunday, 1/2/2022.  
 History - Mr. Grant  [email protected]
  • All work is in Google Classroom.  Any unfinished classwork is homework.
 Special Education - Ms. Skulczyck  [email protected]