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Mrs. Schlegel
Language Arts

Ms. Powell

Mr. Batchelder
Social Studies

Mrs. Piezzo Math

Mrs. Mazza
Special Education

Mrs. Powell
Guidance Counselor

Blue Team Homework

2020-2021 Blue Team Student Required Materials/Back to School Supply List/Discipline Policy
(Click Link above to view letter)

Items not recommended in Blue Team classrooms

These items are prohibited in Blue Team Classrooms:
-Bookbags/gym bags/string bags (Kept in lockers during class) 
-Phones (kept in lockers during the day)
(Please see student handbook for other prohibited school items: )

These items are not recommended in Blue Team Classrooms:
-Large Binder/Trapper Keepers/Zip Binders (see photo). These don't fit easily in/under desks, lockers, and also present tripping hazards when on floor. 

Please see Blue Team Back to school Info letter and Discipline Policy for parents 2019-2020.pdf for our team's Letter to parents for the school year 2019-2020