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Plainfield Central Middle School

“Dream Big. Work Hard. Be Nice”

Royals Expectations and Responsibilities
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Royals understand that all students and staff members must recognize their responsibilities as citizens in our school community.

Royals are welcoming of all members of the school community, regardless of each other’s differences.

Royals are expected to make choices that contribute to a positive and comfortable school climate for all.

Royals are encouraged to develop their own values and personalities without disrespect or judgement from others.

Royals have a right to their education without disruption from students with disrespectful behaviors.

Royals should be treated equally regardless of race, sex, religion, culture, size, financial status, etc.

Royals show respect for the education and expertise of their teachers by listening to and following their directions.

Royals are expected to respectfully speak their mind and share their views and opinions without fear of verbal or physical disrespect.

Royals are expected to respect the privacy and personal property of all school community members.

Royals are responsible for their own learning and believe that they can make learning better for others by being active members of classroom discussions and group activities.

(Created by the Royals Student Voices Committee, 2020)

PCMS School Climate Plan (21-22)

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