Purple Team Homework

Feb. 26, 2019 

Please sign your child's agenda each night. This is one of our means of communication with parents.

Reading/Social Studies

SOW 17 due Friday
Study for the Africa test on Thursday

Language Arts

today's warmup

Please click here to practice your skills using our Portaportal page

today's warmup


no homework

1. missing work due Friday
2. labs and binder checks due Monday

Binder Check/Book Check List

  1. CER Rubric
  2. CER Checklist
  3. CER Coloring Sheet
  4. CER Chart (Sentence Sort)
  5. States of Matter CER Wksht
  6. CER Tadpole & Ladybug Pond Wksht
  7. P. 111 Biting God with Claim on bottom of page
  8. P. 112 Claim
  9. P. 123 & P. 125