Purple Team Homework

March 19, 2018

Reading/Social Studies

SOW 20: Democracy due Friday
SOW 19 corrections
Progress reports due Thursday

Language Arts

**Snow Monster snapshot

 Need help studying: click here to practice your words online .
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**Wk 14 warmup - complete today

 Need help studying: Practice on Mathia -

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Password: Pcms(your student's lunchcode number)!     ex. Pcms1234! 


** Weather project due Friday
**Write Forecast in data table

Click here for the link for our online science textbook
Username: last name, first name, 2025
Password format: Pcms(your student's lunchcode number)!

Binder Check/Book Check List
1. Windbag Wksht
2. Extreme Weather Science Starter (Alabama & CT)
3. Jet Stream Homework question
4. Weather Fronts Table
5. Textbook p. 240 Connect It
6. Reading Checks p. 242, 244, & 246
7. Diagram p. 242 and Model It p. 245
8. Lesson Check p. 247
9. Air Pressure & Front Practice wksht
10. Weather Data Table (Forecast & Class Data)
11. Weather Symbol Key Wksht