Purple Team Homework

Nov. 21, 2019 

Please sign your child's agenda each night. This is one of our means of communication with parents.

Reading/Social Studies

SOW 10: Geography of the Middle East due Friday
Bring library book
Language Arts
Signed progress reports due by Tuesday
Missing work due by Tuesday

Please click here to practice your skills using our Portaportal page


Dividing Mixed Numbers
Return signed test Friday (will be a quiz grade)


3D Thinking pg 66

Binder Check/Book Check List
1. CER rubric
2. CER checklist
3. CER practice wksht
4. Boyle's Law/Charles' Law Wksht
5. Blue Cube Syringe Lab wksht
6. Textbook page 55 Science Probe
7. Textbook page 57 Phenomenon--3 sections
8. Textbook page 58 Claim