Athletic Information

Athletics - General Information

- Our PCMS Athletic Director is Elyse McAteer -

Phone: 860-564-6437

Try-out information is always announced on AM announcements

and is also usually posted on the PCMS calendar.

ALL forms must be returned to the designed coach or Mrs. McAteer in Room 111.

Important Forms

(Click the blue link for a copy of the form)

  • YEARLY physicals are required for student who wish to tryout and participate in sports.

Academic Eligibility

from The Student Handbook (pg. 4)

Students at PCMS are eligible to participate in a wide range of extra - curricular activities (ECA's) including athletic, academic and club-type programs.

  • Students who receive a failing grade in more than one subject in a marking period are ineligible for participation in ECA's.
  • Students receiving one failing grade will be placed on probation. Students placed on probation are required to attend and participate in any support activities offered. Grades will be reviewed every ten (10) school days by an Eligibility Review Committee to determine continued participation. If the review committee determines that the student has not improved grades and or performance, the student will be ineligible to participate. After another ten (10) school day period, the student may have his/her grades and performance reviewed again by the Eligibility Review Committee to determine participation during the next ten (10) school days.
  • Eligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities during any marking period is dependent on the previous marking period grades. Participation in the fall will be determined by the last marking period grades in the previous school year.
  • Students may be declared ineligible due to repeated and/or severe behavior problems.
  • The administration reserves the right to place a student on probation or declare a student academically ineligible should s/he fall into poor academic standing during a marking period and be in jeopardy of failing more than one subject.