Purple Team Homework

Please click this link below to have your child complete their daily lessons for this week. They will need to click Grade 6 - Purple Team

Teachers will be able to tell if your child has completed his/her work. Grades will be entered into Aspen as well.  If you have any questions as we continue on this learning adventure, please feel free to email any of us. We will do our best to help.

Teacher emails:

Mr. Salsich (ELA) - salsichj@plainfieldschools.org
Mrs. Clark (science) - clarkk@plainfieldschools.org
Mrs. Mullen (math) - mullenb@plainfieldschools.org
Ms. Simoneau (SPED/support) - simoneaum@plainfieldschools.org
Mrs. Sorrentino (social studies) - sorrentinoa@plainfieldschools.org

Stay well!

Here are directions to access Google Classroom if you need them. (click this link)

Here are directions on how to join a Zoom class with your teacher. (click this link).