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June 25, 2020


Greetings middle school community,

Our student information system (Aspen) should reflect final grades by the end of this week or latest, early next week. Our secretarial staff always ensures that transcripts are accurate before finalized.

The summer days will present many challenges (Covid-19) for an August re-opening and updates will continue to be shared with you. Please understand that our site based re-opening team has already met and will meet multiple times and plans to coordinate with the district-based team, which meets on a weekly basis, starting in July.

In light of the events that have resulted since Mr. Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, school members including administration, support and teaching staff, have all attended statewide webinars/seminars to ensure that our student needs are met and their voices heard, especially during these summer months. Some schools have initiated “social justice” dialogue with their students and we will do the same. We are looking for those students interested in connecting (virtually) on July 9th @ 10:00 AM to simply send Mr. Gagnon an email (gagnons@plainfieldschools.org) indicating interest in student school leadership, sharing their thoughts, and working in collaboration with others to result in positive and meaningful impact. We have consulted Dr. JoAnn Freiberg, school climate consultant specialist, who has provided professional development opportunities for our district over the past ten months and all agree that this is an opportunity for students to “make a difference.” Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany their child during this virtual meeting. Those interested will receive a link to this meeting on July 8th.

Finally, for incoming grade 6 students, you should expect a link to a virtual transition to our school from our guidance staff. We had originally planned to send this out in mid-June, but shifted that time frame to early July.

In closing, our staff continues to prepare for the upcoming year through the priority lens of safety. Please look for communications throughout the summer. My sincere hope is that the summer days provide a safe time for you and your family.


With Sincerity,

Scott W. Gagnon, Principal

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